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H-1   Key Deer Fawns
H-4   Manatees
H-7   Grizzly w/Salmon
H-10 Harp Seal Pup
H-13 Mallards
H-16 Manatee Eating
H-19 Zebras
H-22 Red Fox
H-25 Hawksbill Turtle
H-28 Amer. Crocodile

V-1   Great Egret
V-4   Florida Panther
V-7   Twobar Clownfish
V-10 Wolves
V-13 Koala
V-16 Great Blue Heron

H-2   Wetlands Sunrise
H-5   "The Landing"
H-8   Manatee
H-11 Puffins
H-14 Harp Seal Pup
H-17 Cheetah Family
H-20 African Elephants
H-23 Chinstrap Penguin
H-26 Pink Clownfish

V-2   Brown Pelican
V-5   Purple Gallinule
V-8   Gray Wolf  
V-11 Gray Wolf 
Emperor Penguins
V-17 Brown Pelican

H-3   Amer. Alligator
H-6   Spotted Dolphin
H-9   Florida Panther
H-12 Sea Otter
H-15 Humpbacks
H-18 Leopard in Tree
H-21 Bison in Mist
H-24 "Ice Castle"
H-27 Great Egret

V-3   Bald Eagle
V-6   "Bal. of Nature"
V-9   African Lion
V-12 Retic. Giraffe
V-15  Sea Lion/Cliffs
V-18  Wood Stork

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